Download Wedding Bouquets and Flowers by Jill Woodall (.ePUB)

Wedding Bouquets and Flowers by Jill Woodall
Requirements: EPUB Reader, 37 MB
Overview: Today’s brides can choose from an ever-widening range of flower styles and designs including spectacular blooms, individual fantasies and simple, natural displays—the creative potential is huge when a love of flowers is combined with the confidence to experiment. This book gives brides and florists a hands-on guide to floral designs to celebrate the happiest and most special of days. It explains how to plan, prepare and transport the flowers, as well as advising on color scheme and displays. Detailed instruction to techniques and demonstrations are supported by step-by-step photographs and there is also a complete guide to four seasonal weddings set in a church, a castle, a hotel and a garden.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Crafts, Hobbies & Home


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Download La Fontaine’s Complete… by Randolph Paul Runyon (.ePUB)+

La Fontaine’s Complete Fables in Modern Verse by Randolph Paul Runyon
Requirements: EPUB or MOBI Reader, 14.2MB
Overview: The fox and the crow, the tortoise and the hare, the hen that laid the golden eggs – all of these familiar characters, and more, are present and accounted for in this complete translation of La Fontaine’s fables. Runyon’s translation is delightfully fresh and faithful to the original French. He brings new life to these timeless tales. “Dr. Randy Runyon brings La Fontaine’s fables alive for a new generation of English readers. Moving from the rhyme-rich, late seventeenth-century French to rhyme-poor English, he employs the couplet to maintain surprising, apt and often humorous rhyme patterns throughout the twelve books of the fables. The wisdom and good sense of the fables is no surprise, the feeling, in this translation, that they are of and for our time is a surprise.”
Genre: General Fiction/Classics


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Download LocalCast for Chromecast v6.14.2.1 [Pro]

LocalCast for Chromecast v6.14.2.1 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.1and up
Overview: LocalCast is the number one casting solution on Android with over 5,000,000 users!


Send videos, music or pictures

FROM your phone or tablet, NAS (DLNA/UPnP or Samba), Google Drive, Google+, Dropbox or a webpage

TO a Chromecast, Roku, Nexus Player, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Stick, Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and other SmartTVs, Sonos, Xbox 360, Xbox One or other DLNA Devices.

// Unique features
– Videos: Zoom & rotate (Chromecast & other Google Cast devices)
– Pictures: Zoom & rotate & pan Chromecast & other Google Cast devices)
– NAS: SMB access
– Subtitles: integration & subs from the same folder will be added automatically

// Videos
Please be aware that the Chromecast only supports a couple of formats. It can read containers like mp4, mkv, 3gp and m4v, but all these containers can use different codecs. If you can’t hear the audio of a video, then the audio codec is not supported. If you can’t see the video but hear the audio, then the video codec is not supported.
(I am looking into "on-the-fly" transcoding)

// Music
If you cast from your device or DLNA, the album cover will be displayed on the TV. The queue and playlists work with all files, but were added to easily set up music for your next party and don’t worry about it.

// Pictures
On a Chromecast, Nexus Player or other Cast device:
You can rotate, zoom and pan pictures easily from the "Now playing" screen, just touch the button with the four arrows.

// Subtitles
If you use a Chromecast, Nexus Player or other Cast device:
You can easily add subtitles. You can download them easily inside the app from Subtitles in the same folder will be added automatically. You can set a dedicated subtitle folder which will be searched when you start a video. Subtitle timing, font, background and color can be changed.
You can change the subtitle encoding in the settings, e.g. for arabic subtitles choose UTF-8
Internal subtitles which are inside the video container don’t work YET

// Wireless headphones (beta)
Touch "Route audio to phone" on the "Now playing" screen, to listen to what you are watching on your phone. This feature is in beta: it might work most of the time.

// Beta
You can join the beta community and receive beta updates from the Google Play here:

// PDFs
Pdfs are converted to pictures in the app and can then be casted.

// Chromecast supported formats

// Recommended PC software to convert your files:

// In app purchases:
The app is free and ads supported, the ads can be removed via an in app purchase. Choose what you’d like to pay, all purchases unlock all Pro version features. Pro Version features currently are only:
– No ads
– Search (device only)
– Video preview when seeking on the "Now playing" screen

No refunds.

I am just one independent developer working on my apps whenever I can, without a big budget for testing on various devices. If you find a bug please contact me via Google+ or email and I’ll try to fix it ASAP. Thanks for your support and happy casting!

App logo converted to vector graphic by Logain UBiv Tnomal Ablar, check out his blog:

In-app purchase: to remove the ads/buy the Pro Version
Storage: to search media
Allow WiFi Multicast: for the server
Network communication: Chromecast/Internet/etc.
Your accounts: Google Drive/Google+
Phone state/identity: Pause/Resume on incoming calls

*** Anonymous Usage Statistics ***
This App gathers anonymous usage statistics through Google Analytics to find bugs and enhance future user experience. You can opt out by deactivating this option in the App’s settings.

What’s New
Minor bug fixes and updated 3rd party libraries

● Pro features Unlocked
● Analytics disabled

This app has no advertisements

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Download Control of Renewable Energy by Mukhtar Ahmad (.PDF)

Operation and Control of Renewable Energy Systems by Mukhtar Ahmad
Requirements: PDF Reader, 9.6 Mb
Overview: A comprehensive reference to renewable energy technologies with a focus on power generation and integration into power systems
This book addresses the generation of energy (primarily electrical) through various renewable sources. It discusses solar and wind power—two major resources that are now in use in small as well as large-scale power production—and their requirements for effectively using advanced control techniques.In addition, the book looks at theintegration of renewable energy in the power grid and its ability to work in a micro grid.
Operation and Control of Renewable Energy Systems describes the numerous types of renewable energy sources available and the basic principles involving energy conversion, including the theory of fluid mechanics and the laws of thermodynamics. Chapter coverage includes the theory of power electronics and various electric power generators, grid scale energy storage systems, photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal energy conversion technology, horizontal and vertical wind turbines for power generation, and more.
Genre: Non-Fiction, General Energy


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Download Islamic Capital Markets by Simon Archer et al. (.PDF)

Islamic Capital Markets and Products: Managing Capital and Liquidity Requirements Under Basel III by Simon Archer, Rifaat Ahmed Abdel Karim
Requirements: PDF Reader, 1.9 Mb
Overview: Ensure Basel III compliance with expert analysis specific to Islamic Finance
Islamic Capital Markets and Products provides a thorough examination of Islamic capital markets (ICM), with particular attention to the products that they offer and the legal and regulatory infrastructure within which they operate. Since Islamic banks act as asset managers, attention is paid to the regulatory challenges which they face in the light of Basel III, as regards both eligible capital and liquidity risk management. The authors of the chapters are professionals and practitioners, and write from experience. The editors also contributed to some of the chapters.
The markets and products covered include Islamic equities, Islamic investment certificates (Sukūk) which are Shari’ah compliant alternatives to conventional bonds, and Islamic Collective Investment Schemes. The coverage of legal and regulatory issues includes an examination of the implications for ICM of securities laws and regulations and of Basel III, as well as collateralisation issues. Shari’ah compliance aspects, in terms both of the selection criteria for Islamic equities and of the ‘purification’ of impermissible components of income, are also examined in some detail, as are the implications of Basel III for eligible capital in general and for Shari’ah compliant capital instruments in particular. A similar analysis is also made of the implications of the Basel III requirements for liquidity risk management and high quality liquid assets (HQLA), including Shari’ah compliant HQLA.
The book concludes with three case studies, two describing the ICM in Malaysia and Bahrain and a third which describes Sukūk issued as Shari’ah compliant capital instruments, followed by brief concluding remarks by the editors.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business


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Download Low Fertility Regimes by Dudley L. Poston (.PDF)

Low Fertility Regimes and Demographic and Societal Change by Dudley L. Poston
Requirements: PDF Reader, 5.3 Mb
Overview: This book explores how low fertility levels could fundamentally change a country’s population and society. It analyzes the profound effects below average birthrates have on virtually all aspects of society, from the economy to religion, from marriage to gender roles. An introduction written by Dudley L. Poston Jr. provides a general overview of this relatively new phenomenon that has already impacted nearly one-half of the countries of the world today. Poston also discusses the broad implications of the changes that these societies are currently experiencing and the ones that they will soon confront. Next, each of the 12 essays collected in this volume look into how a low fertility level affects a particular demographic or societal structure or process. In addition, case studies offer an in-depth portrait of these changes in the United States and China. Coverage includes the dynamics of low and lowest-low (where the birthrate is well below average) fertility, high and increasing life expectancies in the United States, the implications of native-born fertility and other socio-demographic changes for less-skilled U.S. immigration, ageing and age dependency in post-industrial societies, good mothering and gender roles in China, the increasing prevalence of voluntary childlessness, how low fertility and prolonged longevity could result in slow economic growth, the decreasing relevance of traditional religious systems, and more. The emergence and persistence of population decline produced by low fertility levels has the potential to greatly alter key aspects of society as well as individual lives. Containing insightful analysis from some of the top minds in demography today, this book will arm readers with the knowledge they need to fully understand these transformations.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Social Sciences


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Download JAVA Programming for Beginners by Antony Wilson (.PDF)

JAVA Programming for Beginners by Antony Wilson
Requirements: PDF Reader, 1.3 Mb
Overview: JAVASCRIPT is the best guide about programming for beginners.
This book contains step-by-step information for those who just start their studying in this sphere.
Further more excellent programming tips will be helpful in your studying.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Programming


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Download WA Tweaks for WhatsApp v2.7.3 [Ad Free]

WA Tweaks for WhatsApp v2.7.3 [Ad Free]
Requirements: 4.0.3+ | ROOT | Xposed
Overview: Enable WhatsApp hidden features and much more with the integrated Xposed Module.


WA Tweaks is the Android application which will help you to unlock the hidden feature of WhatsApp and then you can check the newly added features.

There is a different tricks available to unlock those feature of WhatsApp which is different from other application, and you need to force stop this application.

The developer of WA Tweaks regularly checks the WhatsApp and see to it that is there any new feature available in WhatsApp? If yes then the application is updated.

This application is updated daily you can bookmark our site to receive the regular updates it is simple and easy.

The size of the application is just 4 MB and which can do a lot of tweaks with the WhatsApp and it works in the rooted Android device.

This application is only supported in official WhatsApp this application is not supported by any other mods such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp prime or WhatsApp Plus which is having the different package name.

WA Tweaks checks the package name of the application which helps to configure the correct WhatsApp application.

You can enable and disable the application features in just some clicks and then you don’t need to worry about anything if you don’t like the feature of anything.

The best thing about this application is that it doesn’t consume too much memory. This application is just of 8 MB and does a lot of tasks in just some clicks which is amazing and needed for any application.

There are no mods available which help you to customize your official WhatsApp but with the aid of Xposed framework you can do so with just some clicks, and you don’t need to do more settings in the application.

You can also change the Emoji of your WhatsApp. If you are bored with the old emoji of WhatsApp, then you can install iOS 10 emoji on your phone. There are many features which can be done.

There are amazing features of the application which will help you to edit many settings in the application and just some clicks. There is a lot of tweaks available in which some of them can be found on WhatsApp, and some of them are yet to come which is great.
Updated daily and supports to the latest version of WhatsApp.
Less in size just around 8 MB and doesn’t consume too much memory.
You can also enable Group Invite Link if it is not pre-activated.
Enable mentions which help you to call a specific user in the WhatsApp group.
You can also enable Multicast.
Enable the new Photo editor of WhatsApp which will help you to edit the pictures before sending to anyone on WhatsApp.
Enable the new Home user interface which will allow users to check out the all new user interface which is going to come on WhatsApp.
You can also select the contact which was not available in the official WhatsApp.
You can also enable GIF Search which helps you to search for the GIF in the emoji tab and will allow in just one click.
Enable the all-new internal Video player which supports you if you are not having the video player on your phone.
You can also set the limit of sending the images and videos and increase it as much you need.
You can increase the documents sending limit to 999 MB.
Resize the emoji packer size as much as you need it.
Send the full resolution photo on WhatsApp which was compressed.
Backup and Restore the chats in just some clicks no need of registering on WhatsApp again and again.
Install all the new emoji of WhatsApp and Android Nougat 
Android 7.1 Ready which allows activating 3D touch is Android API Level 25
No internet connection required
Vcard indexing
Track location of your friends in any WhatsApp group.
Unsend send messages
Disable status feature
Enable the new info feature of WhatsApp
You can now send any files using WhatsApp
Much more.


Version 2.7.3 – Jan 21, 2018
• Fixed a crash when opening the Customizations section without internet connection
• Fixed root customizations section layout
• The "Recall all messages" xposed tweak is now compatible with WhatsApp 2.18.10+
• Fixed a crash applying the Xposed patch on some devices
• Minor Bugfixes

This app has no advertisements

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Download Marketing Research by Bonita Kolb (.PDF)

Marketing Research: A Concise Introduction (2nd Edition) by Bonita Kolb
Requirements: PDF Reader, 3.9 Mb
Overview: This is an introductory textbook that provides students with the essential information needed to plan and perform marketing research for the first time.
The new Second Edition presents a balanced mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, reflecting contemporary trends. This includes a new chapter on netnography and new and increased coverage of the digital aspects of marketing research and the impact of social media and the online environment.
The book includes exercises and activities within the chapters that can be used in class. Along with a collection of new international case studies.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Business


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Download Before He Hunts by Blake Pierce (.ePUB)

Before He Hunts by Blake Pierce (A Mackenzie White Mystery, #8)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 2 MB
Overview: From Blake Pierce, bestselling author of ONCE GONE (a #1 bestseller with over 900 five star reviews), comes book #8 in the heart-pounding Mackenzie White mystery series.

In BEFORE HE HUNTS (A Mackenzie White Mystery, #8), victims are turning up dead in FBI Special Agent Mackenzie White’s home state of Nebraska—all shot in the back of the head, and all bearing the card “Barker Antiques.” The same card her father’s murderer left on his body years ago.

With a sudden urgency in the present, the time has finally come for Mackenzie to face her ghosts, to face her darkest past, and to find her father’s killer.

But her trip back down memory lane may take her to places she’d rather not see, and to discoveries she’d rather not find. She finds herself playing cat and mouse with a killer more sinister than she could imagine, and with her fragile psyche collapsing, this case, of all of them, may be the one that does her in for good.

A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, BEFORE HE HUNTS is book #8 in a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


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