Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as the T-Rex, roamed the soils of the Earth millions of years ago. There have been fossils that can date back as early as 66-68 million years ago[1], which was during the upper Cretaceous Period. This dinosaur is commonly depicted as a large, bipedal carnivore, which is it. Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils measure to be approximately 40 feet in length[2], 15-20 feet in height[4], and 13 feet in width[3]. Scientists have estimated the Tyrannosaurus Rex to be approximately 6.8 metric tons (appx. 14,991 pounds)[13].

Aside from the Tyrannosaurus Rex's large dimensions, it carries a lot of other interesting traits as well. The dinosaur can be described as having a massive skull, large, powerful hind limbs, short forelimbs, and a long, heavy tail. With these traits, we are able to investigate the old debate on whether the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a predator or a pure scavenger. With its massive skull relative to its body (5 feet long)[4], it also had a relatively larger brain-to-body ratio when compared to other dinosaurs and reptiles, which suggests that it must've been smarter[5]. However, there was a controversy on how the massive brain doesn't identify the dinosaur as a predator, but more of a scavenger since its mass prevented the T-Rex from running as quick as small animals. Many scientists in the past have concluded that the T-Rex must have not been a fast runner due to its massive size and its femur to tibia ratio. The average pace of the Tyrannosaurus Rex was about 11 meters per second (or 24 miles per hour)[7]. Regardless of the speed, this debate is no longer taken seriously due to other factors that make up for its speed...

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For years, it has been believed that the velociraptor was very reptilian until further study into this dinosaur has shown evidence for its relationship to modern birds. Along with this bipedal carnivore's feathered appearance, the velociraptor fossils have measured its height to be 1.6 feet tall, 6.8 feet long, and weighing approximately 3 pounds [1]. Scientists have concluded that the velociraptor's existence dated back to 71-75 million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period [2]...

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