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Some Came Desperate: A Love Saga by Katherine Cachitorie
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Overview: SOME CAME DESPERATE is a spell-binding interracial romance saga that tells the story of two sisters and their white lovers in contemporary Miami. Simone is drawn to Nick Perry, a gorgeous, high-powered attorney who develops a long-lasting, sweet and enduring friendship with Simone. But when their platonic relationship turns sexual, and Simone discovers a secret about Nick’s life that renders her nearly suicidal, she knows something has to change. She leaves Miami, becomes a successful business owner in Atlanta, Georgia, and only return years later when her kid sister Shay is in trouble. Simone reunites with Nick and discovers that there is no will power within her that is strong enough to keep her from the man she loves too much.

Jules, the older sister, believe she’s found the answer to her dreams when she becomes Jeremy Druce’s one and only. He’s talented, great looking, and a renowned surgeon. He’s also abusive, possessive, and an alpha-male who wants nothing more than to parade Jules around as if she was a trophy he had won. But Jules endures his less-than-stellar treatment because her own ambitions, and her blind love for him, cannot allow her to move on.

In a continuing story of love’s ups and downs, SOME CAME DESPERATE chronicles interracial love in its barest human form, and takes the reader on a ride that can only be described as tumultuous. In Jules and Jeremy, Simone and Nick, we find four people determined to stay together despite overwhelming odds against them. And despite their own secrets and lies.
Genre: Romance


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