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The Contest Series (1-5) by Megan Atwood
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Overview: Megan Atwood lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she teaches creative writing at a local college and the Loft Literary Center. She has an M.F.A. in writing for children and young adults and won a Artist Initiative grant through the Minnesota State Arts Board.
Genre: Young Adult, Thriller


01. Stay in the Game: The prize: $10 million
The rules: Be the first to complete ten tasks assigned by the Benefactor. Do not ask questions. Do not tell anyone what you’re doing. Do not fail.
The consequences: Unknown.

James’s grandpa is dying. An experimental treatment has a chance of saving him, but James’s family can’t afford it. Not unless James competes in the Contest. The rules are sketchy, and the tasks seem dangerous…and definitely wrong. James has the feeling this contest is about a lot more than the prize money. But he can’t back out now–can he?

02. Beat the Odds: Ana has three choices: One, stay with her abusive foster parents and watch her little sister, Izzy, get hurt. Two, expose their abuse and risk being separated from Izzy. Or three, join the Contest, win the prize money, and escape together. No matter what Ana chooses, the odds are against her.
But the Contest may turn out to be the most dangerous option of all.

03. Raise the Stakes: Colin wants out of the Contest. Each task he’s assigned by the Benefactor leaves him more convinced that he’s part of something shady. Not to mention his every move is being tracked. But the prize money would help Colin’s transgender sister, Danni, afford surgery. Can Colin find out what the Benefactor is really up to without ruining his chances to win the Contest?

04. Break the Code: Maiv is a model daughter, a caring older sister, a top student–the responsible one. She’s not someone who’d get mixed up in something as risky as the Contest. But the huge prize would help her afford college and help her family make ends meet. The problem? The Contest is not what it seems. On the other hand, neither is Maiv. She’s determined to uncover the Benefactor’s secrets–before it’s too late.

05. Turn the Tables: James, Ana, Colin, and Maiv are all competing in the Contest. Or at least they were, until they discovered the real reasons the Benefactor contacted them. Now they’re on the run, trying to keep their families–and each other–safe. Together, they may stand a chance of stopping the Benefactor’s evil plot. But it’s a race against the clock, and they have everything to lose.

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